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First and foremost, thank you for your interest in the Jacob Salem Inner Circle. We are excited to see your enthusiasm for enhancing your speaking business, and we're eager to support you on this path.

As a special 'Thank You' for engaging with us, we're delighted to offer you a Free Coaching Call with the Jacob Salem Inner Circle team.

This call is an opportunity for you to discuss your goals and challenges, and to see how we can support your journey. Unlike our usual application-based program, this free coaching call is our way of giving back to the community without any prerequisite or expecation of a payment from you.

We understand the value of personalized guidance, which is why Nick himself will be available to conduct these calls. He's looking forward to understanding your aspirations and helping you outline a strategy to earn $1,000,000 in your info-business over the next 12 months.

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Nick Atkins
Business Strategist | Sales Professional


Create Offers That Convert

"Stop guessing what your customers want! Unlock the secret of irresistible offers by understanding their desires, pains, and dreams. Crafting an offer that converts is not about what you're selling; it's about the transformation you're promising. Make them an offer they can't refuse!"

Market Your Offers

"You've got the golden ticket, now it's time to show it off! Don't let your masterpiece collect dust; put it in front of the eyes that need to see it. With the right messaging, the right audience, and a dash of creativity, you'll have them clamoring for what you've got. Market with passion, precision, and purpose!"

Sell Your Offers

"Selling isn't about pushing a product; it's about providing a solution. Speak to the heart, understand the problem, and offer the answer they've been searching for. When you align your offer with their needs, selling becomes a natural conversation, not a battle. Close the deal by opening a relationship!"
“Jacob has done a great job in breaking down the steps along the process which allowed me to know what to say and how to say it, so that I would get responses. I spent ONE day doing this ONE thing, using the template provided to Franchise members, and got in front of the decision-makers. 

I now have TWO major accounts that have hired me to speak and I am getting paid to be me! I have made over $5,000 by using the lessons from Speaking. I am living proof that this works.” 

"Best Decision EVER"

There’s no secret to success, there’s a system to success. Jacob Salem provides a systematic process that allows you to grow your business and allows your income to soar to new heights.”

- Les Brown 

"An Epic Relationship"

"Jacob is not only a guru when it comes to these things, but he’s a man who loves to give back and serve others whenever he can. He holds my dad’s wisdom as his own business mantra:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 

Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

"The best way to grow your business is with my good friend Jacob Salem (the digital marketing and social media expert behind the Ziglar, Inc. brand). His team will help you generate an endless supply of your perfect customers PLUS up-level your skillset and marketing efforts."


Unleashing Business Success

"When it comes to Jacob, he's the most heartfelt man. He's someone that actually really cares about your success and is gonna go above and beyond to make sure that you reach the levels you set out for yourself. From his skills as far as marketing and advertising, all the way to his systems and strategies for his personal businesses."

Rudy Perez, JSIC Member & Founder of Vantage

"I love being a founding member of Jacob Salem’s Inner Circle. I applied one strategy and received 10 referrals and confirmation from a past client for bringing me to facilitate a 6 session leadership development program."

John Bently - An Inner Circle Founding Member!

"Becoming Jacob Salem Inner Circle Founding Member is
Everything nothing left to do but Command That Room 🎤🎤
To God be the Glory Forever Grateful ‘The Truth’"

Peggy Riggins - An Inner Circle Founding Member!

Here's What Others Are Saying about Jacob Salem

Kimberly Joy - An Inner Circle Founding Member!

Founder of FEW Women's Leadership

In telling her own story, Kimberly presents profound, yet simple steps to leading yourself well so that you can effectively lead others and make an impact that lasts in your absence. Kimberly has been a mother to 11 kids for 35 years as well as a coach, entrepreneur, author, publisher, and public speaker for 15 years. Each one of these roles has required her to lead, but Kimberly admits she has made every leadership mistake in the book. Grateful that human beings learn more from their failures than their successes, she also admits that these mistakes have afforded her a lot of wisdom.

Known as a “master storyteller,” Kimberly shares this wisdom through her stories with humor and passion. Her audiences are inspired to self-leadership in order to become extraordinary influencers and make their mark on the world around them.

Yvette V. Smith - An Inner Circle Founding Member!

Award Winning Executive & Leadership Coach

Meet the extraordinary Yvette “V” Smith, a globally celebrated communicator whose legacy spans the globe. As the dynamic CEO propelling Brown Wilson Enterprises Inc., she has meticulously cultivated a consulting powerhouse specializing in diverse transformative domains, from igniting leadership development to mastering communication, deciphering temperament, and fervently championing financial autonomy.

Michael Ray Newman

Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Ray Newman is a highly successful speaker, business coach, and serial entrepreneur. He has built and sold multiple companies and is known for his ability to inspire others. Above all, he treasures his role as a devoted father.

Mark Timm

CEO of Timm Investments, LLC

Mark Timm is a mentor to millions and literally wrote the book on it “Mentor to Millions”; partner with Kevin Harrington and Generated of $1M in sales from launching just ONE COURSE from ONE webinar.

Toni Cooper

Top Tier Trainer & Leadership Coach

Toni works with companies such as; FEMA, Home Depot, General Motors(GM), US Probation Deparment, AAM, ISI, and many others. Toni Cooper is our longest standing client who has landed 7 figure government training contracts.

Caleb Roth

CEO of Experts Stains, President of Stain and Seal Experts, and Founder of Staining University

Stain & Seal Experts is proud to be one of the Platinum Sponsors for Staining University - an annual Professional Wood Care conference that hosts hundreds of staining contractors from all across the USA - in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Debbie Sardone

CEO of Debbie Sardone Consulting LLC

Debbie coaches maid services companies on how to be mop free millionaires in less than 90 days; using our system, we helped her completely fill her last event where she collected more than $100k in upsells.

Billy Cox


Billy works with companies such as; Nike, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, FedEx, Century 21, Allstate, Ziglar Inc., Les Brown Entertainment, Keller Williams, Aflac, and much more! Billy Cox is a profound motivational speaker, a proven sales expert and entrepreneur. He currently owns five large businesses that have accumulated billions of dollars in revenue. 
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