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Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook

Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook

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Exclusive Offer for ziglar fans

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Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook 🔥

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How to Find & Target Your Perfect Customers on Facebook with Jacob Salem
  • Lesson #1: 4 Cylinder Marketing System 
  • Lesson #2: Understanding the Foundations of Facebook 
  • Lesson #3: Facebook Ads Manager 
  • ​Lesson #4: How to Generate a Lead from Facebook withOUT Your Prospect Leaving Facebook 
  • ​Lesson #5: How to use and install the Facebook Pixel 
  • ​Lesson #6: How to Create and Use a Customer / Retargeting Audience​ 
  • ​Lesson #7: How to Create a Conversion Ad using the Facebook Pixel 

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Only $997 $19.95


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BONUS #1: Zig Ziglar’s Goal Setting and Achievement Form

Learn How To Turn Your Goals Into Reality

Total Value: $97.00

Setting and achieving goals is a powerful way to define and reach your desired outcomes. By defining what you want to achieve, setting measurable objectives, and developing a plan of action, you can create attainable goals that lead to success. When pursuing these goals, accountability and self-discipline become integral factors for staying on track until the goal is reached. With dedication, focus, and effort, setting and achieving goals can lead to greater accomplishments in life.

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BONUS #2: Building Winning Relationships

Create Winning Connections That Last a Lifetime

Total Value: $97.00

Building winning relationships takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. Establishing a healthy rapport with those in your work and personal life can create huge dividends for both parties involved. When people feel respected, valued, and appreciated they are more likely to return these feelings. Winning relationships are founded on trust, communication, and mutual understanding; being kind and understanding can go a long way in building strong interpersonal connections. With patience, understanding and a bit of effort, you can build winning relationships that will last a lifetime.

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #3: Building the Best YOU!

Learn How To Reach Your Highest Potential

Total Value: $97.00

Building the best version of yourself requires hard work and dedication, but can be incredibly rewarding. Take time to evaluate your goals, set actionable plans to attain them, and practice self-discipline to stay on track. Invest in yourself by developing skills and becoming more knowledgeable — whether that’s through taking a course or reading books. Spend time evaluating your positive qualities and focus on improving any areas you feel could use some attention or growth. You have the power to shape the outcome of your life; take the steps necessary to build the best version of yourself today!

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #4: Building Trust and Gaining Commitment

Learn how to secure Success Through Mutual Trust and Respect

Total Value: $97.00

Building trust and gaining commitment is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. For trust to exist, it needs to be earned through consistent, honest communication. Start by being transparent with your intentions, then work on building confidence in your words and actions. Make sure everyone involved feels comfortable and secure in their decisions – this involves listening to their perspectives and respecting their opinions. When trust is established, it will be easier to gain commitment from those within the relationship — they will have faith that you can deliver on your promises. By investing effort into cultivating relationships founded on trust and mutual respect, you can pave the way to success.

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #5: The Sales P.R.O.C.E.S.S.

Unlock Your True & Powerful Sales Potential

Total Value: $97.00

The Sales P.R.O.C.E.S.S is a powerful tool for anyone looking to succeed in the world of sales. It stands for Preparation, Rapport, Objections & Overcoming Resistance, Closing & Fulfillment and Service & Follow-up. Starting with preparation, it’s important to do your research so that you are well-equipped to start the process confidently; building a rapport with potential clients by showing genuine interest in their needs is key; identify and address their objections clearly and effectively; close the deal and fulfill expectations without delay; and finally provide exemplary service and build trust through follow-ups. When followed correctly, The Sales P.R.O.C.E.S.S can be an invaluable asset for success!

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #6: D.I.S.C.

Leveraging the Power of D.I.S.C. Through Understanding

Total Value: $97.00

D.I.S.C. is an acronym for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness – four common personality traits that help define behavior in the workplace or in interpersonal relationships. Understanding where you and others fall under these categories can provide valuable insights on how to interact with different people effectively and foster better communication between teams or departments. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses can also help you develop more successful strategies when it comes to dealing with various challenges, while being aware of other people’s D.I.S.C preferences allows you to identify their motivations and create more meaningful connections with them. By increasing knowledge of D.I.S.C., we can create a more cohesive environment that leads to greater productivity and success in our professional and personal lives!

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #7: Jacob's Favorite Sales Process! Person, Organization, Goals, Obstacles

Uncover the Best Solutions For Sales Success!

Total Value: $97.00

Person, Organization, Goals, Obstacles (POGO) is a powerful method of determining why a certain goal or task has not been achieved. It involves analyzing the person in charge of achieving the goal, the organization they are part of and the resources available to them, their goals and objectives, and any obstacles that have prevented them from reaching those goals. By analyzing each area systematically and objectively, POGO can help uncover solutions by finding ways to overcome those obstacles or create new strategies for success. When applying this method correctly it can be beneficial for all parties involved as they can better understand their own weaknesses and strengths while providing insights into areas that need improvement to achieve desired results.

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #8: The Power of Email Marketing: An Essential Tool in Your Digital Arsenal

Maximizing Conversions Through Email Marketing

Total Value: $97.00

Email marketing is an effective form of digital advertising that can help businesses to build relationships with their customers while also increasing brand awareness. By utilizing personalized emails that are tailored specifically to the customer’s interests and preferences, businesses can create a more informed customer base while also boosting the chances of generating more conversions. Email marketing is cost-effective and highly efficient in terms of time investment, making it an attractive option for many businesses looking to increase their sales. Additionally, by utilizing email marketing companies can track and measure the performance of their campaigns which allows them to determine ROI and make necessary changes quickly for maximum success.

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #9: The Art of Copywriting: Crafting Compelling Communications That Move the Reader

Using Storytelling, Structure, and Persuasive Language to Drive Action

Total Value: $97.00

Copywriting is an art form of its own. It involves writing persuasive copy that is designed to engage readers and encourage them to take action. Copywriting relies on a few key elements to be successful, such as the structure of the text, use of persuasive language, and compelling storytelling. It can be used in many different marketing materials, such as webpages, email campaigns, brochures and other online communication pieces. In order to create effective copywriting content, it is best to focus on the individual’s needs and desires in order to create compelling stories that move readers towards a desired outcome.

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #10: Maximizing the Power of Websites and Sales Funnels

Driving Conversions and Increasing Revenue

Total Value: $97.00

Websites and sales funnels are essential tools for driving conversions and revenue. A website allows businesses to showcase their products or services, while a well designed sales funnel helps guide potential customers through the process of making a purchase. An optimized website paired with an effective funnel can be key in generating leads, building relationships, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately driving revenue for your business. With thoughtful planning and use of strategic tactics such as storytelling, structure, and persuasive language, you can create a compelling user experience that entices prospects to take action.

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #11: Private Facebook Group

Surround Yourself With Amazing Like Minded Action Takers

Total Value: $97.00

Joining a group of like-minded people provides a platform where you can learn from one another and gain unique insights that can help grow your business. Communication is generally easier in a closed, private environment, so conversations are more meaningful and deeper connections can be made. Members only have access to discussions relevant to their interests, meaning the content is incredibly tailored to each person's needs. Additionally, private Facebook Groups often offer exclusive deals not available anywhere else. With access to this exclusive content, as well as the ability to network with other professionals in your industry, private Facebook Groups can give businesses the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

BONUS #12:  17 Biblical Principles to Success

Learn From 51 Successful Speakers The Biblical Wisdom for Achieving Prosperity and Fulfillment

Total Value: $97.00

Are you looking for a convenient and effective way to learn the biblical principles of success? Look no further than the "17 Biblical Principles to Success" MP3 Audio! This powerful audio program delves into key principles from the Bible and shows you how to apply them to your modern-day life. Imagine listening to teachings on the power of positive thinking, the importance of hard work, and the role of faith in achieving success, all while you are on the go. By listening to these principles and applying them to your own life, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to live a fulfilling and prosperous life. Don't miss out on this unique perspective on success, as it draws on the timeless wisdom of the Bible rather than secular success strategies. This MP3 Audio is a must-have resource for anyone looking to improve their personal and professional lives. 

Get This For FREE When You Order Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook Today! 

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: The Ultimate PDF Library

Get Access To Every PDF You Need To Guide You To Success

Audits + Checklists + Worksheets

Total Value: $997.00 FREE

 Email Series Audit

An email series audit is an effective way to ensure that your emails are making the most impact with your target audiences. An audit process helps you identify opportunities in your existing emails to improve, refine and clarify them, as well as recognize any areas that need further optimization. This process can help shape the overall success of your email campaigns by increasing open rates, improving click-through rates, and ultimately leading to more conversions. Additionally, a thorough audit will assess what types of content resonate best with each audience segment and how often messages should be sent for optimum results.

 Lead Magnet Audit

A Lead Magnet Audit helps you to identify and optimize opportunities within your lead magnets in order to positively impact lead generation and conversion. By examining different aspects such as content, design, success metrics and more, you can develop an effective strategy to maximize the power of your lead magnets. This audit process will uncover any areas that need improvement and allow you to refine the existing strategies you have in place. Additionally, auditing your lead magnets can provide insights into what type of content resonates best with potential customers so that you can better tailor new offers. All these factors combine to make a Lead Magnet Audit an essential tool for increasing conversions and reaching your business goals.

 Offer Optimization Checklist

An Offer Optimization Checklist helps you systematically identify and optimize areas that could improve the effectiveness of your offers. By assessing aspects such as copy, images, pricing and more, you can ensure that each offer is compelling and attractive to potential customers. This process will help you understand which strategies are working best and which need to be improved in order to reach your desired goals. Additionally, this checklist provides a framework for maintaining high-quality offers over time and adjusting them accordingly if needed. Taking the time to go through an Offer Optimization Checklist can dramatically increase conversions by helping make sure that every offer is optimized for success.

 Tripwire Worksheet and Checklist

A Tripwire Worksheet and Checklist is a great way to optimize your tripwires for maximum impact. By taking a step-by-step approach, you can ensure that all elements of your tripwire are properly configured and adjusted as needed. This includes things like product features, pricing, bonus materials, and more. With this worksheet and checklist in hand, you can easily create an offer that customers will find irresistible. Additionally, this process helps ensure that each tripwire is optimized for success by eliminating the guesswork associated with creating effective offers. Using a Tripwire Worksheet and Checklist is an essential tool for increasing conversions while creating unique experiences for customers.

 Customer Value Journey Worksheet

A Customer Value Journey Worksheet is a great way to identify and analyze the most important steps in each customer's journey. By mapping out their individual experience, you can gain valuable insights into what works best for different customers, which will enable you to optimize your offers accordingly. This process helps reduce abandonment rates by ensuring that each customer feels supported and appreciated throughout their entire journey. Additionally, this worksheet allows you to track progress over time so you can identify areas of improvement and create a personalized experience that your customers will love. Using a Customer Value Journey Worksheet is an effective way to maximize conversions while creating a lasting relationship with every customer.

 Funnel Strategy

A Funnel Strategy is a great way to take your business to the next level by optimizing customer experiences and increasing conversion rates. By creating customized campaigns with different levels of engagement, you can ensure that each customer is receiving relevant offers and messages throughout their journey. Additionally, by tracking progress through each stage of the funnel, you can quickly identify areas of improvement and adjust your strategy as needed. This makes it easier for you to tailor each campaign for maximum impact. With a Funnel Strategy in place, you can drive conversions while creating ultra-personalized experiences for each customer.

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Audits + Checklists + Worksheets

Total Value: $997.00 FREE

 Gain - Logic - Fear

A Gain - Logic - Fear Email sequence is a great way to nurture leads and drive conversions. By using this powerful technique, you can first entice customers with an attractive offer that results in a gain for them. Then, build upon this initial connection by providing customers with logical reasons why they should take advantage of the offer. Finally, add an element of fear to motivate them to take action. This combination of strategies ensures that each message resonates with customers on a deeper level while effectively pushing them further down the customer journey. With the Gain - Logic - Fear Email sequence, your business can reach its full potential through maximum engagement and improved conversion rates.

 P.O.G.O Worksheet

A P.O.G.O Worksheet is a great tool for businesses trying to increase their customer engagement and conversion rates. This worksheet forces you to clearly define who your customer is, what objections they may have to buying from you, what offers will best persuade them, and how you’ll deliver on those offers. By focusing on these key points before launching a campaign, you ensure that each piece of content resonates with the customer on a deeper level and encourages them to take action. With the help of a P.O.G.O Worksheet, your business can have clarity and direction when it comes to tackling any marketing challenge – resulting in higher customer engagement and improved conversion rates!

 Before and After Grid

A Before and After Grid is an invaluable tool for assessing the effectiveness of any kind of marketing initiative. By comparing the performance metrics before and after a campaign, you can accurately gauge its success. This type of analysis helps you determine what’s working, what could be improved, and which strategies should be adjusted for the next round of campaigns. With the help of this grid, you can collect data-driven insights to optimize your approach and ensure that future campaigns are successful – leading to improved customer engagement and higher conversion rates!

 4 Cylinder System

Having a system in place for digital marketing is essential for any business wanting to succeed in today’s competitive online environment. A well-thought-out system will help streamline the process of creating, delivering, and measuring campaigns – saving time and resources. Having an organized system also allows you to easily gather data about customer behaviors and preferences so you can tailor your strategies to give them the best possible experience. With an effective digital marketing system in place, businesses can maximize their engagement with potential customers and increase conversion rates!

 Content Organizer Workbook

A Content Organizer Workbook is a great way to stay organized and on top of your content marketing efforts. This type of workbook provides an easy-to-navigate overview of all the elements, messages, and campaigns involved with content marketing. It acts as a hub for all the information you need to create compelling content that drives conversions. Plus, it helps keep track of tasks and deadlines so that nothing slips through the cracks. With a comprehensive Content Organizer Workbook in place, you can save time and energy while achieving better results with your content marketing!

Plus A Mega Quote Poster Pack As The Cherry On Top!

Scroll Stoping Graphics

Multiple Design Styles

Total Value: $997.00 FREE

 365 Inspiring & Motivational Quote Posters

Sharing inspirational quote posters everyday is a great way to grow your online audience. Not only do these posts provide motivation and encouragement to your current followers, they also have the potential to reach new people through social media shares. Additionally, inspirational quotes often go viral because they tend to resonate with many different types of people. Posting motivational quotes regularly can help create conversations around your brand, build relationships with your followers, and ultimately help grow your online presence!
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What Are Others Already Saying About This Time Tested Best Selling Course!
What Are Others Already Saying About This Time Tested Best Selling Course!👇
"I get a lot of my leads from Social Media because of the information in Jacob's Mastermind Program. His program works because I was willing to work."
- Caleb Roth
"Jacob has helped my business so much with Facebook ads, Landing Pages, Infusionsoft / CRM's, and has gotten me serious results!"
- Leslie Sharkey 
"I've learned how to use Digital Marketing to grow three of my companies. I'd encourage anyone who wants to grow their business to join. "
- Todd Billings
"It Just Works!"
😱 Trusted by Marketers and Companies Like…
😱 Trusted by Marketers and Companies Like…
"There's no secret to success, there's a system to success. Jacob Salem provides a systematic process that allows you to grow your business and allows your income to soar to new heights." 

- Les Brown
"The program is amazing! If you want to take your business to the next level and want to know more about digital marketing, I encourage you to be a part of this group." 

-Richard Davis
"The best way to start growing your business is by joining the Mastermind that my good friend Jacob Salem (the digital marketing and social media expert behind the Ziglar, Inc. brand) put together to help you generate an endless supply of your perfect customers PLUS up-level your skillset and marketing efforts. As a member of the Mastermind, you will learn how to grow your business using online marketing to gain trust in the marketplace without spending a fortune in the process." 
Kevin Harrington, Founder of As Seen On TV & Original Shark on ABV's hit TV Series Shark Tank.

Who is Jacob Salem?

Would you agree that everyone wants a taste of the good life: health, wealth, love, and happiness?

Jacob Salem would, and he does everything he can to empower others to have it. This is the exact reason he has positioned himself among some of America’s top motivators.

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of EZMetrics, a global digital marketing agency who has represented some of the world’s most foremost public professionals, speakers, and influencers such as Ziglar, Inc., Les Brown Enterprises, as well as several small businesses and non-profit organizations, Jacob has helped generate over 2,500,000 leads and prides himself on helping businesses grow and monetize their presence online.

Jacob has an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between high-tech and high touch so that businesses can embrace technology to gain trust in the marketplace without spending a fortune in the process. 

Jacob is a follower of Jesus, a devoted husband, a dedicated father, and a passionate serial entrepreneur who has built his business on six foundational building blocks including faith, love, loyalty, character, honesty, and integrity. Along his journey, Jacob has learned what it takes to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and secure. It’s given him better friendships, peace of mind, and hope for a better future.

It is his greatest joy to see others apply these same principles in their professional and personal life and watch it help them be more, do more, and have more than they ever thought possible.  

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Q: Can I Watch The Training Whenever I Want?

A: Yes, Your training videos DO NOT expire, you can watch them on your time whenever is best for you and from any device.

Q: Do I Get Instant Access?

A: Yes, Once you purchase the course, you are directed to our thank you page and will receive login information in your email from Jacob@EZMetrics.com shortly after. Please CHECK your Spam / Junk Folder if you never received an email from EZMetrics before. This does happen sometimes. 

Q: Will This Work For My Business?

A: Yes, All Business types can benefit from Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook: Online Course. If you provide a Product or Service and need to grow your business then absolutely Yes!

Q: Is this a subscription?

A: YES, it is a subscription service. Our subscription plan costs $19.95 per month, and customers have the flexibility to cancel at any time without any long-term commitments or cancellation fees. This allows you to enjoy our service on a month-to-month basis, giving you the freedom to tailor your subscription to your needs. Jacob Salem and EZMetrics, LLC do not offer Refunds on Subscription Programs but you can cancel at anytime via email to Support@EZMetrics.com.

Digital Marketing Made Easy. We help you understand your business and improve your digital marketing efforts through Online Training, Live Events, Keynotes, and One-on-One Coaching.
"Faith Leads To Action, Action Leads To Success."
-Jacob Salem


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