For Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Authors, & Infopreneurs Who Are Tired Of “Trying” And Still Not Achieving The Level Of Success They Deserve...

How to Predictably Scale Your Info-Business to 7-Figures withOUT Sacrificing Time with Friends & Family

We'll Work With You Every Single Day Until You Reach $1,000,000 In Your Info-Business.

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Tap into a $375 Billion Dollar Industry... And Finally Create The Life, Freedom, And Wealth You Deserve!

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Limited Spots Available

If You Want To Rapidly And Predictably Boost The Size And Sustainability Of Your Income By Working Directly With Me (Jacob Salem) And Other Elite Entrepreneurs, Then My Inner Circle Is For You!

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What Is The

Jacob Salem Inner Circle?

The Jacob Salem Inner Circle is an elite group of like-minded Infopreneurs who are “in the trenches” doing things NO ONE else is doing... using information to change the world... getting rich in the process... and living the life they’ve always wanted!

And I want You to be part of this exclusive group!

Read This Before Going ANY further:

From The Desk Of Jacob Salem
Chicago, Illinois.

As you you know, an automated system that converts leads into sales predictably, consistently, and profitably is the holy grail of Internet Marketing.

So why don't you have one?

When we work together, you'll immediately "get" the entire methodology I personally used to create some of the most successful Internet advertising promotions in history.

If you'd like to create Internet campaigns that sell like crazy … and change the lives of those your coach, inspire, teach, or train, then this is the most important thing you should do.

Even If Right Now, You Can’t Say You 100% Believe In Yourself...

It's OK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created the Jacob Salem Inner Circle a group of hardcore Believers ✝ that do nothing but champion you and your business across the finish line!!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear What Other's Have To Say About Us.

What's Inside The Inner Circle?..

✔ Live Monthly Events In Chicago: Hosted by Jacob Salem

Monthly events in the John Hancock Center on Michigan Ave Downtown Chicago Every Single Month

A supportive and collaborative environment where members could network, learn from one another, and receive feedback on their business ideas and strategies.

Next IN PERSON Live Event is September 28th & 29th: 9 AM to 5 PM! 

Upcoming Live Event Dates For 2023:
October 26th & 27th
November 30th & December 1st
December 28th & 29th

✔ ​Community: Exclusive Slack Channel

A vibrant community where the best and brightest minds in the infopreneur industry congregate. It's more than a networking space; it's a dynamic incubator for innovation and growth. Be part of the conversation that shapes the future of the infopreneur landscape and opens doors to limitless possibilities.

More specifically, ask direct questions about problems you are having in your business and get direct answers. (i.e. Offer problems, sales problems, tech problems, ad problems, etc.)

✔ ​Exclusive Access: Talk Directly to Jacob via Voxer

Get Unlimited Access to Jacob to get your answers when the questions come up, no more guessing what to do!

✔ Team Access: Get Access to Jacob's Team Leaders

Meet with Jacob Salem and his team DAILY to dive deep into the strategies behind successful sales funnels, email marketing, paid advertising and much more!

 Zoom calls are 2 PM EST Daily

Join Jacob In chicago
 John Hancock Center  
875 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL
Our Weekly Roadmap

Live via ZOOM™

We Work With You Everyday Until You Reach A Million Dollars In Your Business.

Your Featured Coaches

Jacob Salem

Jacob has helped generate over 2,500,000 quality leads and prides himself on helping you grow and monetize your presence online and on the stage! 2 Comma Club Award Winner and best-selling co-author!

Laura Wells

Laura is an author, trainer, and top leader in the network marketing industry. She leads a multi-million dollar business on social media in the health & wellness space, all while traveling the country full-time with her husband in their Airstream. Laura is passionate about helping others learn how to become happier, healthier, and truly thrive in their lives.

William Willoughby

William will guide you through the chaos of tech and the confusion of brand development. Bringing you clear direction for your journey moving forward. He is a 2 Comma Club Award Winner and has built over 1,000 Funnels & Websites. With 12+ years in branding and tech, William's work has been featured by the New York Times, BMW, Adobe, and much more!

We Have Special Coaches Inside Too!

Setting Up Your Week For Success
Jacob will give you guidance on your journey, this is an open discussion day.

Branding & Technology - Day 1
William will remove the confusion from branding & what technology to use to reach your specific goals.

Dominating Social Media
Laura will show you how to leverage social media, turning followers into sales.

Branding & Technology - Day 2
William will go through your platforms and visuals and give hands on assistance with your brand & tech goals.

Paid Advertising & Email Marketing
Jacob will help you break down your Ad Campaigns & Automate Your Emails.
Join the Jacob Salem Inner Circle today, and take the first step on an enlightening journey towards unparalleled success.
◉ Engage and Share: Dive into enriching conversations, and contribute your unique insights and experiences to help your fellow members learn and grow.

◉ Commit to Success: Show up and participate actively in our meetings, embodying commitment and dedication that resonate throughout the group.

◉ Preserve Confidentiality: Be part of a safe and secure space where personal insights, innovative ideas, and success strategies are shared with respect and discretion.

◉ Lend a Helping Hand: Offer your expertise and advice, support your peers, and perhaps discover potential partners for future ventures.
◉ Stay Accountable: Set personal and business targets, and let the collective power of the group help you stay on track and focused on your goals.

◉ Learn Continuously: Stay ahead in the ever-evolving infopreneur landscape with the shared wisdom of successful professionals.

◉ Network with the Best: Build valuable connections within this elite group, expanding your professional network, and opening doors to new opportunities.

◉ Experience Growth: Prepare for a significant professional leap forward. Draw from the group's collective wisdom to drive your business to new heights.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide you with the tools, strategies, and unwavering support necessary to propel your entrepreneurial journey towards achieving remarkable results. 

In the Jacob Salem Inner Circle, we're crafting an elite space of empowerment for Infopreneurs. Our engaging community thrives on collaboration, leveraging shared insights, collective accountability, and continuous learning to spark remarkable growth. We are a fortress of trust, maintaining strict confidentiality while nurturing meaningful professional alliances. 

*We only work with action takers who know that success is their duty, obligation, and responsibility. Those who truly believe, "If it is to be, it's up to me". 

We believe that each individual (you) has unique talents and knowledge that, when harnessed effectively, can change lives and transform businesses.

"What you know has the ability to change someone's life." - Russell Brunson
Core Values
Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. As a Christian-founded organization, our values are rooted in honesty, transparency, and treating others with respect and fairness. We strive to create a community where trust flourishes, allowing for genuine collaboration and growth.

Faith-Based Approach: Our foundation in Christianity permeates everything we do. We understand that faith is a powerful force that can ignite personal and professional growth. By incorporating biblical principles into our strategies, we seek to align your business pursuits with your spiritual journey, fostering a holistic approach to success.
"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

Commitment to Transformation: We are not satisfied with mediocrity. Our commitment to your success is unwavering. We are dedicated to providing you with the necessary guidance, mentorship, and resources to help you surpass your goals. Through our proven methodologies and personalized support, we are determined to assist each member in achieving an extraordinary milestone: surpassing $1,000,000 in sales per year.

Community and Collaboration: We believe in the power of a supportive community. As an Inner Circle member, you will gain access to a network of like-minded infopreneurs who are on a similar journey. This vibrant community of driven individuals will inspire, challenge, and uplift you as you navigate the path to greatness. Collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective growth are at the heart of our community.

Lifelong Learning: We understand that success is a continuous journey, and knowledge is the fuel that propels it forward. Our Inner Circle Mastermind is designed to provide you with ongoing education, cutting-edge strategies, and insights from industry experts. We believe in staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving business landscape and equipping you with the latest tools and techniques to stay ahead of the curve.

Additionally, When You’re Part Of The Mastermind Family,

Not Only Do We All Study Hard, Build Funnels Together, And Implement

What We Learn Into Our Funnels For REAL Success...

...but we also share incredible, bonding experiences where we can connect, network, and create long-lasting relationships!

Relationships are the KEY to a thriving business.. And Every Year, We Hand Select Great Locales And Adventures That Are Fun And Memorable For The Entire Family!

When You’re Part Of The Family,

We Not Only Mastermind, We Also Form Long-Lasting Relationships And Memories Together!

"Best Decision EVER"

There’s no secret to success, there’s a system to success. Jacob Salem provides a systematic process that allows you to grow your business and allows your income to soar to new heights.”

- Les Brown 

The Jacob Salem Inner Circle

Is The Ultimate Step-By-Step “Short-Cut” For Your Success

Get Those "AH-HA" Moments You Deserve!

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Get The Clarity You Desire!

No more “trying.”

No more feeling alone behind a computer questioning if you’re doing it “right”...

No more "No more yearning for success, confined behind a computer, questioning if you're on the right track... 

And no more 'wishing' for the opportunity to make a substantial income or create a significant impact in the life of others.

Now’s Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To TAKE IT.


"An Epic Relationship"

"Jacob is not only a guru when it comes to these things, but he’s a man who loves to give back and serve others whenever he can. He holds my dad’s wisdom as his own business mantra:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 

Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

"The best way to grow your business is with my good friend Jacob Salem (the digital marketing and social media expert behind the Ziglar, Inc. brand). His team will help you generate an endless supply of your perfect customers PLUS up-level your skillset and marketing efforts."


Best Selling Co-Author

# 1 Best Seller in Business and Money

Leverage Life Setbacks To Rebuild Resilience For Success (Inspired Stories of Real People with Unconquerable Will to Thrive and Be Alive)

About Jacob Salem

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of EZMetrics, a global digital marketing agency who has represented some of the world’s most foremost public professionals, speakers, and influencers such as Ziglar, Inc., Les Brown Enterprises, as well as several small businesses and non-profit organizations, Jacob has helped generate over 1,000,000 quality leads and prides himself on helping businesses grow and monetize their presence online. 

Jacob has an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between high-tech and high touch so that businesses can embrace technology to gain trust in the marketplace without spending a fortune in the process. 

Jacob is a follower of Jesus, a devoted husband, a dedicated father, and a passionate serial entrepreneur who has built his business on six foundational building blocks including faith, love, loyalty, character, honesty, and integrity. Along his journey, Jacob has learned what it takes to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and secure. It’s given him better friendships, peace of mind, and hope for a better future

It is his greatest joy to see others apply these same principles in their professional and personal life and watch it help them be more, do more, and have more than they ever thought possible. 

Here's Others Ways Of Working With Jacob Salem


One on One with Jacob Salem for the Day

Seven Figure Blueprint: Strategically Architect Your 7-8 Figure Online Empire with Jacob Salem

The first step to building, launching and scaling your 7 or 8 Figure Business Online is to strategically think through your offers (what you sell), your funnels (how you sell it) and your advertising strategy (how you acquire leads & customers). Just as an Award Winning Architect would create and design the plans before building a Dream Home. We architect your offers (what you sell), your funnels (how you sell it) and your advertising strategy in order to build a 7 or 8 Figure Business.

Spend the entire day with Jacob Salem One-On-One in Chicago where he'll sit down with you to design the right offers, funnels, & advertising strategy.

Build A Business In 90-Days

Work with Jacob Salem & His Team to Build Your Next Venture

Revolutionize Your Business: 
Fast-Track Growth in Just 90 Days

Looking to upgrade your business in just three months? 

Our Build A Business In 90-Days program can help. We offer a unique website design service, an automated email system, and custom-made ads to boost your growth. You'll also get weekly one-on-one sessions with Jacob Salem and his team, who will guide you through the process. 

With our selection of software tools like Keap, Clickfunnels, Zapier, and Wordpress, you can focus solely on your business. 

Launch & Scale

Jacob Salem & His Team Take Over Your Marketing Needs

You Can Relax: 
With Our Done-For-You Services

Are you ready to take your business to new heights without the hassle?

Our "Launch & Scale" program is a complete done-for-you service designed to propel your growth. Our expert team will manage all of your digital marketing needs and curate effective advertising campaigns tailored to your goals. Everything from Nurtured Email Sequences to custom Landing Pages, we got you covered.

Real People. Real Testimonials. Real Results.

Mike Jenkins 

Founder & CEO of Freelife101 Investment Group

Mike Jenkins made over $1M with just two offers in his coaching business. A low ticket subscription (linch pin; if you don’t have this or know what it is, then you need us now) and just 1 upsell to coaching with him and his team.

Michael Ray Newman

Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Ray Newman is a highly successful speaker, business coach, and serial entrepreneur. He has built and sold multiple companies and is known for his ability to inspire others. Above all, he treasures his role as a devoted father.

Mark Timm

CEO of Timm Investments, LLC

Mark Timm is a mentor to millions and literally wrote the book on it “Mentor to Millions”; partner with Kevin Harrington and Generated of $1M in sales from launching just ONE COURSE from ONE webinar.

Toni Cooper

Top Tier Trainer & Leadership Coach

Toni works with companies such as; FEMA, Home Depot, General Motors(GM), US Probation Deparment, AAM, ISI, and many others. Toni Cooper is our longest standing client who has landed 7 figure government training contracts.

Caleb Roth

CEO of Experts Stains, President of Stain and Seal Experts, and Founder of Staining University

Stain & Seal Experts is proud to be one of the Platinum Sponsors for Staining University - an annual Professional Wood Care conference that hosts hundreds of staining contractors from all across the USA - in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Debbie Sardone

CEO of Debbie Sardone Consulting LLC

Debbie coaches maid services companies on how to be mop free millionaires in less than 90 days; using our system, we helped her completely fill her last event where she collected more than $100k in upsells.

Billy Cox


Billy works with companies such as; Nike, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, FedEx, Century 21, Allstate, Ziglar Inc., Les Brown Entertainment, Keller Williams, Aflac, and much more! Billy Cox is a profound motivational speaker, a proven sales expert and entrepreneur. He currently owns five large businesses that have accumulated billions of dollars in revenue. 
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